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Weird dream was weird again @_@ *checks making sure she's not in another dream segment*‏
Most of those dream segments felt so real too... Started off I was at my computer when mum pulled me out saying I needed to be around real people and fresh air. So we go out and we're driving for a while and end up at a picnic.

The fams having fun and eating and I'm just kind of avoiding people and trying to get out of the sun when I notice something in the dirt, so I start digging. When I dig I start uncovering bones and not just any bones, dino bones! Mostly raptor but also some prey items. So I pinch myself but that doesn't wake me up so I start pulling out bones and keep digging as some people watch when suddenly I come across a meaty raptor... Still had flesh and everything but it was dead.

Next thing I know people are gasping and running and I'm confused as I haul that meaty dino to where I was putting the bones. I then go back to the hole when suddenly a distant sound catches my ear as the last few people get far enough off screen so I look past the hole and not but three large houses down is a T-rex!! He's sniffing around the house and I try to duck back in the hole but the raptors are suddenly around and sniffing about the dead raptors so I run like a rabbit whose location had just been sniffed out by a pack of dogs to my car. Suddenly my mom and brother also get in my car, mum in the front, Josh and I are in the back and we lock the doors just in time as the dino's get to our car and they are pushing us around when I notice the trunk is open! I look out and see the dino's catching up to and eating everyone that was running including my step dad ;~;

The car is still being pushed about as the sun is setting and then they finally push the car into flipping and we end up upside down.

I hear something digging through the backseat wondering if one of the dino's finally realized the trunk was open and they could get into the car that way, but instead of dino claws, it's a set of hands that come through since we're in the shadows, I don't judge that they're super pale white but push myself away anyways.

The person who comes through has a Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter feel about her. She seems whimsical and talking about the dino's and how much of a mess they made and that we should follow her. Josh follows first then mum pushes me out before following behind.

The sun is set at this point but it's at the point the sky still has a good amount of light without seeing the horrible ball of burning gas.

So we just walk, following where she takes us when someone pulls Josh out of our group from the shadows so it's only mum and I.

We end up at some kind of ball and the girl takes mum and I to some dressing rooms to get changed from our street attire.

We come out and I feel ridiculous but it seems better then ending up dinosaur food so we head out to watch the ball and I'm starting to see some very familiar faces. Faces I've seen in many a vampire movie but I try not to comment because there are children and babies there too and I'm still wary after the day.

Suddenly, the Luna like girl is there and she has a couple of what she calls sisters and their laughing and talking and I try not to stare until I someone comes up to mum and my attention is drawn from trying to figure out what's being said.

The person who comes up to mum is a kid and he calls her mommy and charms her. And it's at that moment I realize the kids and babies are vampires too so I back away. He gives me a fowl glare as if he'd laid claim on my mother as she carries him off to the dance floor having been wanting a new child for a long time now.

I start to try to tactfully back out and seek an exit when I trip on the dress and the sisters catch me. They're laughing and the Luna like one says "Silly, this is a dance and you haven't done any dancing yet you're already dizzy?" So she starts dancing with me despite me trying to locate an exit and then I'm passed off to the dance floor to a guy dancer and he's gorgeous with ice blue eye's, long black flowing hair, perfect nose, cheeks and Jaw set looking moderately but not overly androgynous. He's taller then me and a nice build, not fat but not overly muscled... just... perfection. But...he's a vampire and then I notice not all the participants are vampires, there are other humans there too and the dance floor starts getting washed in their spilled blood and it's staining the light blue dress I have on.

I push away from him as he's trying to tell me something and end up falling into the bloody water over the floor.

"You do like blood. It looks good covering you like that."

I had caught my self with my arms and so I was on the ground, legs and hips on the ground and upper boddy propped up by my arms but having splashed the blood over my top and onto my face. I'm gasping out trying to locate mom and the exit.

I look up and the perfect guy lifts me up again and holds me tight to his chest and begins waltzing with me, my feet lifted off the ground, I can't push away from him this time as he has me in his strong hold and so I shut my eye's from getting dizzy but also to not see what's to come...

I feel the piercing but keep my eye's shut

Then I woke up @_@ I hate waking up to neck pains though‏‏
  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: Your breathing
  • Reading: Over your shoulder
  • Watching: You watching me
  • Playing: Mind Games
  • Eating: Soul on a stick
  • Drinking: Blood

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